We want min price show in sales invoice.

But if we change from invoice.

It will also affect stock items min price. To copy value from Stocks to Sales invoice, editable and no affect to stocks table, please refer solution

The reason, amend in sales invoice will affect in Stocks module, it is because this field is from Stocks module,

And our solution is copy the value from Stock’s MinPrice Column to sales invoice column,if we amend in sales invoice column, it won’t affect stock module’s MinPrice Column.



Step 1 – Access Customization Centre.

Please refer: How to Access Customization Centre

Step 2 – Expand BOmodel.

Step 3 – look for QnEBS.Bo.Sales and expand ità Expand SalesinvoiceDetails.


Step 4 – right Click Own Membersà Click Add à Click Persistent.


Step 5 – Systemtype = System.Decimal , Name = Stock min price.

Follow this picture screen info.

Step 6 – after successful create Stock min price as a fieldà right click evaluateexpreesions à Click Addà Click Member Evaluate Expression.


Step 7 – Evaluate Expression = Stock.MinPrice

Evaluate member = must be same field name as the new field name you create

Id = just a name, you can insert anything name in it to remember what is this thing for

Note: id cannot include space or dot.


Step 8 – Click Save à Click Close, logout software , and login again.


Step 9 – add the new column into sales invoice, tick the Stock min price. And drag it to invoice.

Step 10 –  test change the stock min price to 100.00




Step 11 – check min price from stock

Result no affect min price from stock.