Solution Step

  • Step 1 - Click Tools > Click Customization Center. (Tools at Above Ribbon)
  • Step 2 - Click on QnE Optimum. (Once Click Customization Center below screen will Prompt) 
  • Step 3 - Under QNE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS > Expand Validation > Expand Rules (Once Double Click QnE Optimum, below screen will prompt) 
  • Step 4 - Example if I want to Set Validation in Sales Invoice , then we look for QnEBS.BO.Sales.SalesinvoiceDetails.

    (After Expand Rules then look for QnEBS.BO.Sales.SalesinvoiceDetails)

  • Step 5 - Right Click and Clone the Rule Creteria.
  • Step 6 - Last Configure as below Picture. 

For more easy to setup this configuration, below are some sample for all transaction.

Can apply this XML for testing purpose.

To Validate Compulsory Select Location.

Stock Module

Sales Module

Purchase Module

To Validate Compulsory Select Project.








To Apply with above XML, please refer How to apply XML Content into Customization Center.