Model Customization

BOModel (Additional User Define Field), Validation (Set Rules/Conditions), Views (Edit transaction layout)

BOModel (Additional User Define Field)

How to add 1 item field (NewRemark) on Sales Invoice ?

1. GOTO Tools > Customization Centre

2. GOTO Model > double click ‘QNE Business Solution’

3.GOTO BOModel > Search for QnEBS.BO.Sales 

Information: In QnEBS.BO.Sales have all the sales transaction form

Information: Under QnEBS.BO.Sales have each transaction have two objects. E.g. SalesInvoice and SalesInvoiceDetail 

4. GOTO SalesInvoiceDetail > OwnMembers > Right Click on OwnMember to select ‘add’ and ‘Persistent’ .

5. Search ‘Id’ to insert the field name.

6. Select ‘Type’: System.String

7. Add the new field on the screen, GOTO QNE Business Solutions > Views > QnEBS.BO.Sales

8. To check your field table name, GOTO Sales Invoice > Diagnostic > View Info

9. Table name : SalesInvoices_SalesInvoiceDetailsCollection_ListView

10. Under QnEBS.BO.Sales > SalesInvoices_SalesInvoiceDetailsCollection_ListView > Select Columns

11. Right click on the column to select ‘Column Chooser’

12. Click ‘Add’ to proceed next step.

13. Select the new field and click add button.

14. Click and hold the ‘New Remark’ then pull and release the ‘New Remark’ after ‘Description’.

15. Then ‘Save and Close’ and re-login system.

16. After re-login check on Transaction screen.


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